Transportation Funding

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Grassroots Funding is a premier financial concierge service with over 40 years of experience in the financial industry.

Due to our business acumen, relationships, customer satisfaction rate, and reputation in the industry, we have over 200 lenders that provide personal and business funding. Unlike traditional lending where there is one option for a particular loan type, or particular loan requirement, Grassroots Funding offers over 65 varieties of loan options (with multiple sources and a myriad of requirements) to assist our clients.

Grassroots Funding’s automotive buyers, dealership, fleet, and floorplan Funding and Financing Programs are designed for auto industry professionals who require specialized loans.

Transportation & Automotive Financing Solutions

Luxury Auto & Vehicle Financing

Our Luxury Auto & Vehicle Financing Programs are designed for enthusiasts who require specialized loans for their special toys. Great for cars, SUV’s, boats, and more. 

Freight & Logistics Funding

Go further and haul more with Grassroots Funding Freight & Logistics funding and financing. Grassroots provides flexible programs designed especially for semi-trailers, flatbeds, step decks, dry vans, reefers, box trucks and tankers.

CARGO & Fleet Financing

Grassroots Funding Fleet Financing Program provides flexible and options specifically designed for all of your cargo and fleet financing needs including cars, vans, delivery trucks, and more. These programs are also great for car rental companies, taxicab companies, and private automotive fleets.

Wholesale & Independent Dealer Financing

Grassroots Funding Wholesale and Independent Automotive Dealers financing programs provide financing to existing and new dealership owners. From vehicle acquisition to floorplan Funding, Grassroots Funding’s programs are designed for auto industry professionals who require specialized loans.