Commercial Real Estate Funding

Start Building

Grassroots Funding provides Commercial Real Estate Loans throughout North America.

At Grassroots Funding we have set goals with a few visionary people, and over the past few years, we have grown into a team of experienced professionals. We understand real estate buyers and consumers and we are able to make common sense credit decisions.

We place funding and financing substantially backed by the acquired or refinanced commercial property value.

Funding for various industries

Amusement Park Funding

Apartment Building Funding

Beauty and Barbershop Funding

Church Funding

Duplex / Fourplex Funding

Film and Studio Funding

Hotel/Motel Funding

Medical Complex Funding

Nightclub Funding

Office Building Funding

Sports Complex Funding

Strip Mall Funding

Warehouse Funding

Easy to Qualify

  1. Copy of credit report
  2. 6 months bank statements
  3. 2-year tax return
  4. 2-year balance sheets P&L’s year to date
  5. Personal financial statement
  6. List of Assets must own (what is the asset and the value)
  7. List of Assets that you have equity in (what is the asset, what is the equity in the
    asset, what is owed on the asset)
  8. Summary about your business and how you plan to use funds