New Corporation &
Start-Up Funding

New Corporation & Start-Up Funding

Our Funding and Financing Program are designed for a New Corporations which needs entrepreneurial types of funding.

New businesses need new corporation funding which helps borrowers get assets that can be obtained by using our proprietary Flexible Payment Plan. We work with two types of Start Ups: new businesses & businesses that have been around for 2 years but have no income.  

  • Id & social (color / front & back  

  • Copy of all 3 credit reports (full) 680+ ALL 3! 

  • Identify que log in- credit to monitor service to verify credit score 

  • Article of corporation (proof of business) 

  • EIN # from IRS 

  • No tax return (since it is a startup)  

  • 3 MONTH bank statement  

  • Startup is with business credit cards