About Grassroots Funding

More options, more choices, and more solutions
to provide what you need.

Grassroots Funding is a premier financial concierge service with over 40 years of experience in the financial industry.

Due to our business acumen, relationships, customer satisfaction rate, and reputation in the industry, we have over 200 lenders that provide personal and business funding. Unlike traditional lending where there is one option for a particular loan type, or particular loan requirement, Grassroots Funding offers over 65 varieties of loan options (with multiple sources and a myriad of requirements) to assist our clients.

With the ability to create and customize unique funding options not found in regular funding sources has made Grassroots Funding a great fit for many lending needs.

Our Approach

At Grassroots Funding we have set goals with a few visionary people, and over the past few years, we have grown into a team of experienced professionals. We understand business people, and business operations and we are able to make common sense credit decisions.

Who Are Our Clients?

We Have Assisted In A Full Gamut of Industries By Providing Funding Forever Reason Imaginable

Consolidating Personal Debt

You can be someone that wants to consolidate their personal debt, so you apply for a personal loan so that you can make one monthly payment at a standard interest rate, rather than multiple bills with different interest rates and payment dates.

Interested in Real Estate

You can be someone that wants to start a business flipping homes, and you need start-up capital and rehab money to get that initial project underway.

Existing Business Owners

You can a business owner that want to purchase new equipment so you can keep up with supply and demand for your product.

Developers Looking to Expand

You can be a developer that has a huge apartment complex and retail space that only needs an additional 8 million dollars to complete the project.

Investing an Inheritence

You have decided that you have some money inherited and want to make an investment, so you come to us to purchase a cash flowing franchised business in order to source your debt

Looking to Repair Bad Credit

You have decided you want to work with a professional firm to help you repair bad credit, and also to help establish good credit through trade lines and other opportunities.

Helping Clients Win

Going The Extra Mile...

No matter the reason for your funding need, we work diligently to provide options that will assist. We work for you and want only the best opportunities which is why we do not ask for any money upfront. 

We do not place inquiries or credit hits on your credit report just to provide an estimate of funding options. We sincerely believe in showing value to our clients so that they can control their own destiny. This motto is our way of life and the reason we have gained great success nationwide.