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Looking for Canna Business and 420 Funding?

Grassroots Funding provides funding for legal cannabis establishments and enterprises in the domains where legislation approves of the establishment of property and dispensing of the products derived. This can include, but not limited to, Project Capital and Asset Leases to start up, maintain or acquire business equipment, and handling day-to-day operations.

Grassroots Funding 420 Establishment Program

The Grassroots Funding 420 Establishment Program is designed for businesses that need funding or Book of Business. The 420 Establishment asset is obtained using our proprietary Flexible Payment Plan.

Our system can satisfy the Capital needs of the Industry Specific Vendor 420 Establishment buyers and give an enhanced safe return on investors current 420 Establishment Portfolio.


What information is required to get funding for a 420 business?

Getting the funding you need for your 420 business can be a very straight-forward process with the right information. To work with the  Grassroots Funding 420 Establishment Program you will need the following:

Business Financials

  • 6 months bank statements
  • Articles of Business
  • The last 2 previous years Federal Tax Returns
Owner Verification

  • Front and Back of Driver License or Government Issued ID
  • Front and Back of Social Security Card
Information about Business Assets

  • List of Assets must own (what is the asset and the value)
  • List of Assets that you have equity in (what is the asset, what is the equity in the asset, what is owed on the asset)?
Project Summary

  • A summary about your business and how you plan to use funds
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of 420 Establishment Funding?

The Establishment owner eliminates and minimizes the risk associated 420 Establishment acquisitions.

How is the Ownewrship Transferred using the Flexible Payment Plan?

The registered owner remains in the owner position, and has additional collateral in the form of the Flexible Payment Plan. The 420 Establishment satisfies the ratios required to underwrite the deal at par value. The 420 Establishment is usually the primary collateral. The 420 Establishment asset secures pledge to obtain parity funding until the sale or lease transaction is consummated.